On this page you will find all our brochures about UTS products as well as a number of reference plants. In case of any questions please give us a call (+49 0811 99884427) or send us an email (marketing(at)

Product brochures

  • Planning and Construction (PDF)
  • Biology (PDF)
  • UTS Service-Box Pro (PDF)
  • Separator (PDF)
  • Pump Series 3000 (PDF)
  • Pump Series 4000 (PDF)
  • Hydraulical Mixing Power (PDF)
  • Electrical Mixing Power (PDF)
  • Solids Feeder (PDF)
  • Omnivore™ (PDF)
  • UTS Triton® (PDF)
  • UTS Kairos® (PDF)
  • UTS ProCon (PDF)

Reference Brochures

  • Biogas Plant Halberstadt, Germany (PDF)
  • Biogas Plant Roeblingen, Germany (PDF)
  • Biogas Plant Szarvas, Hungary (PDF)
  • Biogas Plant Glenfarg, UK (PDF)
  • Biogas Plant Greimel, Germany (PDF)
  • Biogas Plant Stimmer, Germany (PDF)
  • Biogas Plant HohenWangelin, Germany (PDF)
  • Biogas Plant Söhnergy, Germany (PDF)
  • Biogas Plant Bieringen, Germany (PDF)


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