Comprehensive. Efficient. Service-oriented.

Our experienced team concentrates on the development and construction of innovative technology for modern agriculture and efficient biogas plants.
As one of the market leaders for high-quality components for biogas plants we focus on reliable products such as pump and mixing technology, separators, service-boxes or our technology container ProCon.

Sustainable economic growth and an efficient use of our ressources are the basis for the development of new, innovative technology.

Our range of services includes:

  • High quality components for biogas and slurry technology
  • Consultation for optimization of biogas plants
  • Start-up of the biogas plant and biological process support by specialst personnel
  • Modernization and extension of biogas plants (power / safety)
  • 24h technical service including spare part supply

The UTS milestones:

UTS S.M.A.Rt-System receives DLG silver medal
Launch of Anaergia Europe GmbH

UTS Products receives DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2008 Certificate
Development of UTS ProCon - THE Technology Container

Delivery of Service-Box Pro - No. 250
Delivery of Separator - No. 100
Foundation of Anaergia Asia, headquartered in Beijing

Foundation of Anaergia Inc. (Canada)

Launch of the further developed UTS Service-Box Pro

Offices move to Hallbergmoos
Foundation of the American subsidiaries UTS Bioenergy + UTS Residuals
Construction of the first UTS biogas plant in Spain

Foundation of UTS Products GmbH as a separate company for product development

Company becomes UTS Biogastechnik GmbH under investor Dr. Andrew Benedek

Foundation of the Italian subsidiary

Development of Triton® technology

1995 - 2000
Development of numerous key products (Service-Box, hydraulic mixing technology, etc.)

Setting up of the Biogas Technology business area
Construction of the first biogas plants

Foundation of company


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