Energy Providers & Municipalities

Energy Providers & Municipalities

As an energy supplier or communal organisation, do you wish to make a contribution to positioning your local area as a region with a sustainable energy supply?

Aside from the generation of electricity and heat from biogas as a regenerative energy source, the main motives for setting up a biogas plant in and for a community are the related positive effects for the environment and society. Additionally, a biogas plant creates the possibility of ensuring and stabilising income in the agricultural industry through long-term supply contracts for agricultural products.

Benefits for energy providers and municipalities: 

  • Production of regenerative energy suitable for covering base load demand
  • Stabilisation of agricultural income
  • Creation of high quality jobs in the countryside
  • Production of high quality organic manure
  • Protection of finite resources by the use of renewable raw materials and organic residual materials
  • Reduced dependence on energy imports
  • Increased competitiveness of heat-intensive production operations
  • Generation of climatically neutral energy, and significant saving of CO2


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