Project Development & Investors

Project Development & Investors

Do you want to participate in the renewable energy market and invest in modern environmental technology?

The commitment to bio-energy is an investment in a long-term project. In this very widely diversified market, it is necessary to examine in detail in which renewable energy generation projects to invest the capital entrusted by the financial supporters.

Without doubt, the key factors are ensuring the substrate supply, an appropriate heat concept, and the selection of the plant constructor. However, the individual detail questions are just as important. On the basis of many years experience and expertise, UTS has developed a standardised working approach which always gives priority to the principal aims of the farmer and the investors: long-term security and high returns.

Benefits for investors:

  • Attractive development of returns with potential
  • Ecologically beneficial way to generate energy
  • Your investment will enable German farmers to convert into energy their waste products from the agricultural process, such as green waste, slurry, food residues, and other waste materials; after energy generation these materials can be applied to the fields as 100 % organic fertilizer.
  • Create and ensure jobs
  • Legal protection of income from biogas plants over their entire lifetime


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