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Biogas Plant of the Month December - Biogas Plant Indal

Built in
- 2014
Power - 599 kWel
Input material - Cattle slurry, cattle manure

  • Name: Biogas Plant Indal (Italy)
  • Owner: Indal S.r.l.
  • Built in: 2014
  • Power: 599 kWel
  • Input material: Cattle slurry, cattle manure
  • UTS Scope of delivery: Amongst the joint venture companies involved in the project, UTS is the company realizing the plant.
    UTS supplied the biogas technology part: pumping system, hydraulic mixing system, solid feeding system, control panel, separator and the nitrogen treatment for digested matter (with SBR).
  • Features: Triton® plant (599 kWel) fed exclusively by manure & slurry.
    Nitrogen removal on digested liquid fraction (SBR).
    Utilization of heating in a dryer treating the solid digestate to be used for animals bedding in the farm near the plant.
    UTS pumps are used for the two manure pipes with a length of 450 m.


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