To generate energy in an environmentally friendly way, do you want to use biological residual materials, e.g. biological waste, food leftovers, green waste, landscape conservation material or agricultural materials such as slurry or manure, as well as maize, grass, sugar beet or other energy plants?

With a UTS biogas plant, you make a valuable contribution to climate protection worldwide. In Germany, the use of biogas is governed by the Renewable Energies Act. This provides for a payment for electrical energy generated from biogas. However, it is also possible to generate biogas to quality of natural gas, and to feed this biomethane into the public gas network. UTS biogas plants are outstandingly suited for this, because of their very modest heat requirements, and the minimal foreign matter in their biogas – thanks to the patented UTS Service-Box.

We will be pleased to advise you of the support options and the selection of a plant tailored to your individual requirements. For this, just contact us.



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