Benefits of UTS plants

Economical. Ecological. Patented.

With a plant from UTS, you decide in favour of almost 20 years experience and around 1600 installed biogas plants. Very important: our Full Service. In a biogas plant which we have planned and designed, all components are perfectly matched to each other and efficiency-oriented – thanks to our own development department and our own manufacture of pumps, mixers, etc. Pumps, mixers, mechanical, hydraulic, electronic parts, and all equipment are designed with economy in mind.

The numerous patents and the protected processes which are already part of our company history are witness to our experience and to our claim to be a technology leader.

UTS agitator and mixing technology, substrate dosing, pump and separation technology, and our solutions to exploit the energy of the biogas are practically based, reliable, and service-friendly. Here, safety and reliability have top priority.


In brief, the benefits of our UTS solutions are:

  • Patented, hydraulically driven mixers with submersible motors guarantee safe operation within the fermenter.
  • The use of the hydraulic unit in a protected environment guarantees simple maintenance and automatic monitoring.
  • Patented Service-Box with integrated working platform guarantees safe maintenance of the mixing technology outside the fermenter, and avoids expensive gas loss and emissions damaging to the environment.
  • High plant availability through robust and appropriate technology

For your individual  requirements, we offer you two system ranges: Helios® and Triton®. Naturally, we advise you comprehensively when selecting the plant best suited to your needs. For this, please contact us via the short contact form on the right side.


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