Energy from biogas

Watch our movie and see how biogas is created and how our plants are designed to guarantee a reliable and safe operation.

Benefits of UTS plants

CO2-neutral. Decentralised. Protecting the climate.

Biogas is principally a mixture of methane and carbon dioxide. It is created during the anaerobic fermentation of organic material. This can be sewage sludge, biological waste, food leftovers, slurry or manure, as well as maize, grass, sugar beet or other energy plants.

Biogas is used to generate electrical energy. It is often used directly at the plant for the decentralised generation of electricity and heat in a CHP, or – after preparation – is fed into the natural gas network, and used as a CO2-neutral fuel.

Watch our movie above to see how a biogas plant functions, and how it is constructed.


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