Kairos® system

On-farm standardized AD plants > 50 kW

Slurry-based. Compact. Economical.

The UTS Kairos concept has been designed specifically for small scale AD with the view to optimising slurry and manures produced on-farm with the optional supplementation of purpose grown crops. For over 20 years UTS has specialized in integrating biogas plants with existing farm businesses with over 1,600 successfully completed projects. The Kairos concept is particularly designed for biogas plants between 50 kW and 250 kW in scale and offers an ideal solution for dairy farms as well as other small cattle & pig farms.

Concept & Planning

  • Analysis of existing farm business & available substrates
  • Preparation of an individual plant concept including a general layout drawing with detailed civil requirements so that the total costs of the project can be calculated
  • Advise on final location, noise emissions, visual impact reduction and any other potential issues raised during the planning process

Technology Packages

  • UTS mixing technology combined with UTS Service-Box Classic on the fermenter
  • Gas and substrate pipe system
  • Insulated technology container: CHP, pump with pneumatic valves for automatic pumping operations, mini-PLC for control and monitoring with remote alarm
  • CHP in a separate container
  • Newly developed mini feed hopper for cost-effective and trouble-free addition of solid substrates, etc.

UTS Service

  • Sales support packages (biological & technical service)
  • Maintenance & repair
  • Operation management

Our sales team is always happy to answer your questions: by phone +49 811 99884408 or by email vertrieb(at)uts-biogas.com. Further information can also be found in our UTS Kairos® brochure (PDF).


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