Triton® system

Our Triton® system combines compact construction with minimal operating costs and best gas yields.

Compact. Sophisticated. Highly efficient.

For plant sizes over 500 kW, and for gas feed plants or locations with restricted space, our Triton® system is suitable. The most important characteristic of this plant system is the ring-in-ring construction: One or more concentric rings are fitted around a central tank, thus creating additional fermentation or storage space within a single structure. This provides the following benefits:

  • Minimisation of operating costs yet providing maximum gas yields
  • Optimised flow ducting
  • Best homogenisation by means of UTS mixer technology
  • No short-circuit flows
  • Uniformity of dwell times of the raw materials in the plant system
  • Outstanding maintenance access via UTS Service-Box
  • Extremely compact construction
  • Fermenter heights up to 10 m
  • Minimised heat loss
  • Shortest possible ducting routes
  • Low internal power consumption

Over 10 years, we have further developed and improved the Triton® system. Today, plants all over Europe are successfully operated using this process. Read more about this in our references.


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