Planning & Construction

Forward looking. Detailed. Economical.

For us, the project planning for your plant starts with comprehensive consultancy and analysis of your location and of the general set-up. Here, we naturally take into account the economic parameters and the biological and technical implementation options. The result is a meticulous site and detail plan for your biogas plant – the basis for the construction of the plant.

In detail, UTS offers you the following services:

  • Consultancy and feasibility studies relating to biogas, creation of profitability calculations, and plant concepts
  • Planning, tendering, and approval of biogas plants
  • Construction support and coordination
  • General contractor services for biogas plants
  • Examination of support options
  • Technical strategies for component orders
  • Planning the electrical process control
  • Planning pre-approval for biogas plants before final official approval
  • Outstanding, economical, and efficient solutions
  • Many years of experience from over 1,600 completed projects

Do you have any questions? We will be pleased to answer them. For this, just use our short contact form on the right side.


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