Safe. Legally compliant. Low-risk.

Our technological claim is: It must be possible to replace and maintain all the technologies in a biogas plant, without risk and without negatively affecting the biological process. And: the routine maintenance of a mixer must not bring the plant to a stop for days on end, thereby resulting in production stoppages.

We fulfil these requirements with a new standard of safety and service quality. The patented UTS systems, such as the Service-Box Classic or Pro, ensure that operation and maintenance work can be reliably carried out in compliance with the highest industrial safety requirements. If desired, we can supply safety-related documents which are legally prescribed for the operator.

Safety first:

  • Patented, hydraulically driven mixers with submersible motors guarantee safe operation within the fermenter (not subject to ATEX).
  • The use of the hydraulic unit in a protected environment guarantees simple maintenance and automatic monitoring.
  • The patented Service-Box with integrated working platform guarantees rapid and safe maintenance of the mixer technology outside the fermenter, and avoids expensive gas loss and emissions damaging to the environment.
  • Explosion protection documents and operational hazard analyses.


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