Expert. Consultative. Sustainable.

With a plant from UTS, you decide in favour of top class technology, including long lasting individual components - the best prerequisites for flexible, operationally stable, and economical operation of a biogas plant. The close links between our own planning, manufacture of system components, and the many years operational experience of our service staff create further synergies from which you can additionally profit technically and financially in the operation of your plant.

Our service team is with you for all operational questions:

  • Operational management of biogas plants including telecontrol technology
  • Consultancy in process and safety technology
  • Biological service including quality assured analytical work
  • Expert assessment in all matters relating to the operation of biogas plants
  • Substrate consultancy - also for possible concepts
  • Individual repair and maintenance concepts up to and including full service contract (including wear and replacement parts for ten years)
  • Wear and replacement parts service


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