Biological Service

Biological. Optimised. Individual.

Both when commissioning your plant and afterwards, we are available to you for all technical process problems - from the achievable gas yield of a new substrate, to the potential of auxiliaries, to the quality of the fermentation residue generated. In collaboration with qualified laboratories, our specialists with their many years of experience are able to solve difficult problems analytically, e.g. the effect of auxiliaries on the resistance of individual components. However, the analyses become really useful for your operation only after our expert evaluation – to ensure the most robust and long-term application possible.

Our services:

  • Commissioning
  • Training in all matters relating to the operation of biogas plants
  • Stabilisation of the fermentation processes
  • Process optimisation to increase yield
  • Evaluation of potential auxiliaries
  • Use of new substrates
  • Resolution of breakdowns and accidents
  • Regular participation in the UTS plant comparison 

Currently more than half of our plant operators use the various offers and service packages from our Biological Services team. From complete packages with onsite appointments, various analyses and fermentation tests, as well as monthly maintenance and evaluation of your plant log, to cost-efficient sampling packages - talk to us, and we will prepare the right offer for you. For this, please use the short contact form on the right side.

For more information on this product, please refer to our product information Biology (PDF).


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