Technical Service

Dependable. Problem-solving. 24h.

At UTS, Technical Service works hand in hand with Production. This ensures rapid and solution-oriented intervention down to the finest technical detail. As well as our own service and manufacturing locations, we are represented regionally by our UTS service partners who are evenly distributed all across Germany, and who can rapidly be on site if necessary.

We are happy to make you the following proposals:

  • Preventative and predictable: UTS service contracts consisting of:
    • Process-technical and biological consultancy
    • Repair and maintenance by specialist personnel
    • Extended guarantee on system components
    • All-in wear and replacement part agreements for up to ten years
  • Need-based and rapid: technical service according to need:
    • Functional checks according to need
    • Wear and replacement parts as they become due
    • Express delivery possible, if desired

In contrast to many independent providers on the market, by means of close and regular interchange between our biological and technical service teams we ensure that no undesired interactions can arise in the plants – in contrast to individual providers, we place the overall functioning of the plant in the foreground.


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