Spare Parts

In-house. Tested. Available.

Do you need a replacement part for your plant, even though your components have been working reliably for many years? No problem. For more than 15 years, our customers have been using our replacement parts service. Both in southern and northern Germany, our subsidiary UTS Products GmbH, has for many years operated its own manufacturing and production workshops with attached service centre.

The use of stainless steel is just as much an integral part of manufacturing as the installation of pumps and the construction of mixers. Ongoing product development – especially through the inclusion of experience from the service area – has resulted in the renowned top quality and well designed system components for which we are recognised in the market. We take the same care in designing special components for complete plants, building them individually, and integrating them into the combined system.

A wide range of stock in both locations, plus rapid delivery from our store at Munich airport, ensures that standard items are quickly available worldwide. This is how we fulfil your short-term needs – replacement within a short period by express or overnight delivery, if necessary.

Please feel free to send us your replacement parts query by email:


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