Electrical Mixing Technology

Find out more about our electrical mixers - compact units for agriculture, food industry and also communal technology.

Resistant. Withstands pressure. Precise.

Our electrical mixers are compact units, and are installed in combination with height and swivel adjustment.

General properties

  • Circulation upt to 6800 m³/h
  • Enormous thrust up to 3900 N
  • Range with power requirement from 5.5 to 18.5 kW
  • Submersible engine IP68, pressure resistant to 20 mWS
  • Thermal winding shield
  • Probe to monitor for leaks
  • Two blade propeller made from stainless steel
  • Very robust and precise planet drive
  • Drive shaft made from stainless steel
  • Can deal with thick matter - very good effect even with solid substrates
  • Resistant to clogging by straw and grass, thanks to special propeller geometry and to the leak probe
  • Low maintenance costs


  • Agriculture: Slurry technology, biogas plants
  • Food industry: Biogas plants, waste water plants
  • Communal technology: Waste water plants, sewage treatment plants

For more information on this product, please refer to our product information Electrical Mixing Technology (PDF).


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