Hydraulic Mixing Technology

Find out more about our patented mixing technology - suitable for a great variety of applications.

Efficient. Low maintenance. Patented.

Our hydraulic mixers are compact installation units – with height and swivel adjustment, as well as in combination with our maintenance-friendly Service-Box. The beam mixing device is suitable for installation on the tank wall with convenient height and tank depth adjustment. UTS mixer technology is also suitable for fitting to tanks with sheeting roofs, and the height can be conveniently adjusted by means of hydraulics.

General properties

  • Circulation up to 7500 m³/h
  • Enormous thrust up to 5000 N
  • Variable rotational speed, providing the option of fine adjustment to different substrates
  • Can deal with thick matter - very good effect even with solid substrates
  • Resistant to clogging by straw and grass, thanks to special propeller geometry
  • Very safe, no ignition source in a gaseous atmosphere
  • Can be powered by tractor if there is a power cut
  • Unsusceptible to dry running
  • Very low maintenance costs


  • Agriculture: Slurry technology, biogas plants
  • Food industry: Biogas plants, waste water plants
  • Communal technology: Waste water plants, sewage treatment plants

For more information on this product, please refer to our product information Hydraulic mixing technology (PDF).


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