Process Container
UTS ProCon

Time saving. Compact. Plug & Play Biogas.

The process container UTS ProCon is the heart and control centre of your biogas plant, packed with UTS´s know how from the construction and equipment installation of more than 1,600 biogas plants – Plug & Play Biogas.

ProCon enables you to install high quality biogas technology in the shortest and most uncomplicated way possible, no matter if you want to build a new biogas plant or extend an existing one.

Our sales team is happy to explain the use and construction of UTS ProCon to you and show you our first reference projects.
Just send us an email sales(at) or call us: +49 811 99884 408.


In numbers, this means savings of up to 50 % with respect to installation costs for the equipment installed in the container in comparison to a standard pump building. The time saving can be up to one quarter of the construction time of a pump building made of concrete,  depending on the size of the plant.

  • Measurable reduction of planning and construction times
  • Reduction of installation and construction costs
  • Reduction of risk during transport and installation periods
  • Guaranteed quality standards by factory acceptance tests
  • Optimised profits by reduced life cycle costs

Our process container ProCon comes with all our product specific, as well as application engineering know how.


Our UTS ProCon process container is adjusted to your individual needs with regards to location, environment and technology and offers solutions for:

Modular Construction

The following process optimising modular equipment is available for UTS ProCon:

  • Pump technology and substrate piping (pumping, recirculation, control)
  • Mixing technology
  • Heat distribution (check and regulation of process heat for optimised development of organisms)
  • Measurement and control technology
  • Gas analysis and desulphurisation

Depending on the size of the plant and the customer´s request, all modules can be adjusted In order to meet the requirements of numerous plant and substrate types all modules can be selected with various pump and mixing technologies etc.


Our container was developed for plants between 75 and 600 kW with substrates such as slurry, manure and energy crops. Up to four tanks equipped with mixers, pumps and separators can be controlled with a UTS ProCon. This container is pre-installed  and is therefore perfect for being used in countries with difficult infrastructures. Due to the mobility of the container, leasing may also be an option.

For further information please also have a look at our UTS ProCon brochure (PDF).


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