Service-Box Pro & Classic

Protected. Rapid. Hazard-free.

Biogas is produced in enclosed tanks, the fermenters. Depending on the substrate feed, pressure peaks may arise which have to be safely trapped. In addition, the mixer equipment located in the fermenter must be maintained at regular intervals – wherever possible, without interrupting or negatively affecting the biological process.


We developed the UTS Service-Box Pro and its predecessor, the UTS Service-Box Classic, precisely for these purposes, and we thereby guarantee an unbeaten availability of your gas plant. Our Service-Box Classic has been installed hundreds of times in biogas plants in Europe, and has thereby become the visible emblem of our biogas expertise.


The technical innovations in the UTS Service-Box Pro reduce methane emissions, increase the operational periods of the biogas plant, and reduce maintenance time – so that as a biogas plant operator, you save money and time, and protect the environment! The UTS Service-Box, manufactured from stainless steel, can be used as a system solution for tanks with a foil or a concrete roof, and is protected by national and international patents.

General properties

  • Integrated gas sampling
  • Integrated overpressure and underpressure safety devices (optional)
  • Vertical and horizontal adjustment of mixers
  • Sight glass
  • Mixer equipment can be serviced and maintained without opening the roof


  • Safe maintenance and repair of mixers from platform
  • Simple operation (raising, swivelling, or lowering) of the mixers
  • Pressure protection of the tank
  • Integrated gas output for onward ducting of the biogas
  • Visual monitoring of the fermenter content, and good accessibility
  • Simple planning, simple installation and operation
  • Proven overall concept with components tailored to one another in top quality design and manufacture

For more information on this product, please refer to our product information UTS Service-Box Pro (PDF).


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