Solids Feeder

Find out more about our Solids Feeder - a fully automated and proven system.

Fully automatic. Stabilising. Time-saving.

With the automatic solids feeder box for biogas fermenters, silage material, solid manure, and organic waste can be conveyed and dosed. The continuous automated feed of solids to the fermenter thus increases the gas yield. This fully automated, practically proven system saves working time and stabilises the biogas process. We provide professional-quality solids feed units for all biogas plants having volumes between 10 and 130 m³. And the structure of the dosing station can be exactly matched to your needs and working conditions.

General properties

  • Particularly low internal power consumption
  • Feed by rubber-belt conveyor with carrier strip and external roller chain to avoid product contact
  • By avoiding unnecessarily mixing or pressing input materials, odour emission and after-heating of the silage material is reduced
  • The storage tank can be filled at any time
  • Low maintenance and wear
  • Conveyor systems for elevated tanks (conveyor) not affected by power cuts
  • Low requirement for spares

Technical characteristics - Input dosing feeder

  • Volumes: 8 to 65 m³, larger sizes available on request
  • Connected load: 19 kW (with direct feed); 23 kW (with conveyor system)
  • Average power consumption: ~ 4 kW (with direct feed); ~ 6,5 kW (with conveyor system)
  • Working width: 2.25 m (standard) - 1.85 m (at 8 m³)
  • Discharge performance: approx. 80 kg / min to 120 kg / min for silage
  • Fill height: from 2.80 m
  • 3 rotary grinders with screw elements and chopping teeth (width: 2.25 m or 1.85 m)
  • Chain belt conveyor at 40° incline or belt conveyor at 19° incline
  • Central lubrication and automatic chain oiling

For more information on this product, please refer to our product information Solids Feeder (PDF).


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